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The Team

Dr. Licinio RattoSonária Martins
Psychiatrist and the Clinic president and founder. Having an education based on the principles of classical Psychiatry, he has expanded the frontiers of it with the innovative work developed by Saint Roman, which he founded in 1969. His motto: "The quest is the patient’s social reintegration." Clinical Psychologist, Operational Director of the Casa de Saúde Saint Roman, Coordinator of the “Espaço Conviver” (Outpatient care unit), Specialist in Psychotherapy with psychoanalytic guidance by the CEPCOP-USU-RJ. She has worked at the Saint Roman Health Clinic since 1983.
Dr. Ricardo DiasDra. Renata Werneck Vargens

Psychiatrist trained in Medicine at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University, with specialization in Psychiatry at the IPUB. He has been at the Clinic since 1988. He has been Clinical Director since 2005.

Graduated in Medicine at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University with a medical residency in Psychiatry at the IPUB. Master of Psychiatry and Mental Health at the same institution. Psychiatrist and Coordinator of the Center for the Intervention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Addicts (CITRAD) since 2008.
Fernanda RodriguesEdilson Dias
Coordinator of Psychology. Graduated in 1997 at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University Psychology School. Postgraduate studies in Psychoanalytic Clinic at Gama Filho University and specialized in Clinical Psychology, a title bestowed by CRP.

Nursing Coordinator. Graduated from University Augusto Mota’s Nursing School. Specialized in Mental Health at Unigranrio University.