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It is located in an exclusive area, high on a mountain range between the South and Central zones of the city, with a privileged view of these areas. Just as its neighboring neighborhoods, Glória and Catete, it is known for historical buildings from the 19th century, as well as elegant mansions built until the 1940s.

But the neighborhood’s main differential is the fact that it remained the only one in the city that kept the tram as a means of transport until today. Besides Glória and Catete, it also borders neighborhoods such as Laranjeiras, Cosme Velho, Botafogo and Humaitá in the South Zone (the last two only by forest mountains, without direct access); Alto da Boa Vista, in the North Zone; and Downtown, Lapa, Rio Comprido, Catumbi and Cidade Nova, in the Central Zone.

Casa de Saúde Saint Roman - Almirante Alexandrino Street, 1342 to 1368

Santa Teresa - Rio de Janeiro - RJ ZIP CODE 20241-260

Phone #: 55 (21) 3861-8100 / 3861-8127 / 3861-8128 / 3861-8148