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Espaço Conviver (Outpatient Care)

The “Espaço Conviver” works with patients in need of psychiatric and chemical dependency care. The goal is to minimize illness evolution—as well as social, affective and labor loss processes—and reinforce awareness about the illness and its treatment. The objective is to control and stop processes that could result in illness evolution and hospitalization, using regular monitoring and intensive activity schedule, which are the focus of the Institution while assisting these clients.

This method, which is proving to be instrumental to patient recovery, using specialized programming, has been fulfilling an important function during the last years, ensuring patients and their families intensive assistance with schedules designed according to medical recommendation and individual needs, stimulating adherence to treatment, developing autonomy, improving the socio-affective aspect, and providing support to the family in the decisive period of recovery of the individual.

Espaço Conviver – with a name that translates into “space of coexistence”, the outpatient program at the Casa de Saúde Saint Roman has a sports court, an area for gardening, library, rooms for art therapy and crafts, an area for physical activities that promote relaxation and meditation, rooms for therapeutic group sessions, for physical education activities, and the BRECHO’S store—a pioneering project created, developed and in operation, which is administered by patients with the assistance of a Saint Roman psychologist

Within the psychiatric care program, the objective is to practice daily therapies in specialized workshops, reinforcing a program aimed at prevention and reduction of hospitalizations, improvement in social reintegration and quality of life.

It is an important complementary resource to the drug treatment and psychotherapy and it aims at helping patients to improve internal organization and family relationships, stimulate creativity and productivity, maintain independence in daily activities, in addition to exercising the body, facilitating interaction with society and awareness of how important it is to use medication correctly.

While working with chemical dependency care, the outpatient center main objective is to maintain abstinence from licit and illicit substances, awareness of the disease and reinforcement of recovery process, re-education of skills, improvement in social-family relationships and labor improvement.

The activities are carried out at the headquarters in Santa Teresa and at external sites that have been previously discussed with patients and family members, under the supervision of the Saint Roman Team—such as walks, cultural tours (cinema, theater, exhibitions, etc.), lunch and / or snack at various places throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of physicians, psychologists, art therapist, yoga teacher, physical education teacher, a professional specialized in singing therapy, nurses, nutritionists, caregivers and members of the hospital’s support staff.


Patients in psychiatric care:

  • Therapeutic Group
  • Family Guidance Group
  • Store Operation Workshop
  • Singing Therapy Workshop
  • Gourmet Workshop
  • Free workshops
  • Reading Workshop
  • Theater Workshop
  • Yoga Workshop
  • Newspaper Workshop
  • Dance Workshop
  • Crafts Workshop
  • Relaxation Workshop
  • Games Workshop
  • Physical Education
  • Art Therapy
  • REIKI Meditation & Technique

Chemically dependent patients:

  • Therapeutic Group
  • Task Group
  • Reading & Reflecting Group
  • Integration Workshop
  • Preventing relapse group
  • TREC - Emotional Rational Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Motivational Group
  • Weekend Preparation Group
  • Study group
  • Relaxation Group
  • Group on Relationship and Sexuality
  • Family Guidance Group