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The admissions sector is responsible for patient care. The team is responsible for providing all the information necessary to stay in the institution, always with affection, attention, individualized care, and agility. The patient must be accompanied by a guardian at the time of admission.

Once the formal admission process is finalized, the patient is received by a nursing professional who will provide general guidelines. The nursing staff is available full-time, and so are on-call doctors, who will be at hand in the absence of the patient's physician (attending physician).

The inpatient service is open to the medical community.

The attending physician is responsible for the preparation and orientation of the patient's treatment project. The Casa de Saúde Saint Roman team works as supporting staff, working in tune with the patient’s doctor to ensure the success of the therapeutic goals of the project.



  •   Individual room with private WC and AC.
  •   Nursing Staff
  •   On-call Doctor
  •   Group Psychological care for Family and patient
  •   Operational Groups and Workshops (material included)
  •   Guided Physical Education
  •   Five meals a day, supervised by a nutritionist
  •   Recreation, leisure, sports, outings, tours, parties

Not included in the daily rate: Medical consultations, medication, laundry, hygiene products, and Diagnosis and Treatment Auxiliary Services (DTAS).