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CITRAD - Chemical Dependency Treatment

Chemical Dependence Treatment

CITRAD - Center for the Intervention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Addicts

At CITRAD the treatment program welcomes patients chosen for an intensive approach. The program develops individual and group approaches with patients and relatives. The goal is awareness of the disease, abstinence in the use of substances and the return to social and productive activities.

Treatment of chemical dependence may involve the stages of psychotherapy, medication, and hospitalization. Treatment should be individualized and planned according to the needs of the patient and family. Each case is evaluated by the multi-professional team, consisting of doctors, psychologists, nurses, physical education professional, yoga teacher (art therapist), singing therapy professional, nutritionists, counselors in chemical dependency, etc. In some cases, it is necessary to use medication to aid in the process, but it does not constitute the treatment itself. The medication prevents a serious condition from developing and is used to help the patient overcome the problem.